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A certified car-nut since birth, Carm was so anxious to get behind the wheel that he volunteer to wash his dad’s car just so he could move it on the drive way. But the itch was too strong and just moving the car around wasn’t really enough, so in the middle of the night he would sneak out in his PJ’s and take his dad’s Impala for a spin around the neighborhood – until he got caught…

You can just imagine his frustration when he realized that his 16th birthday landed on a Saturday – he would have to wait a whole two days before he could get his learners permit. But Monday morning bright and early he was there and just not to waste any more time he decided to book an appointment for the test right away. The lady at the ministry was a bit surprised and wondered if he didn’t want to practice a bit first, but no – he didn’t think that was needed. And of course when it was time, he was as ready as he could be and was even able to parallel park that Impala (after all, he had had many nights of practice…)

True to his heritage, his first “real” car (not including hand-me-downs) was a 1973 Fiat 128SL, but unfortunate circumstances cut the life short of the little red sports car. With the results of big van vs. small sports car in fresh memory, he used his insurance money to once again pick a car true to his heritage but this time the American version – a 1977 Camaro Z28. This relationship came to be a long and steady one; the car was his baby for almost 14 years. But then Helena came in to his life and spoiled it all (“what are you doing with that American piece of sh**”), and out went the Camaro and in came the Porsche’s. First it was the Boxter – it lasted about 5 month, before it got replaced with a 1996 911 C4S. This one got to stay a bit longer, about 3 years. But then the Italian in him started to complain, and out went the Porsche and in came the Ferrari’s. It started with a 328GTS, went on to a 348TB and then finally to a 355GTS.

Funny enough the urge to get out on the track and really see what a car could do didn’t arrive until the Ferrari came in the picture. Member of the Porsche club and all, he never had any urge to take the Porsche on the track – he had the Ferrari for about a week when it got to do its first track event. And since then it has been no looking back. Now it’s all about tracking – the car hardly gets to come out other than for the track events - “it’s just no fun to drive it on the street!