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The HANS device is probably the most well known device given it's the only one approved in NASCAR,CART,ALMS,Grand-AM and all FIA sanctioned events (edit: as of July 2007, the Hutchens Hybrid is also approved in NASCAR). This is a yoke type device made of carbon fiber which goes behind the neck and then have two 'legs' that go over the front of the shoulders and down your chest. Your 5 or 6pt harness then goes over the top of these legs and secures it. It has easily detachable helmet anchor system for its tethers that is blessed by Snell. There is also a quick disconnect tether option for those that want it. It's FIA and SFI 38.1 certified.

In regular driving the HANS does not restrict head motion. Its tethers tighten up as the drivers multipoint harness stretches in a crash. The other restraints do have to be worn tighter or you have to turn your head against a damper.

This device requires a multipoint harness system.

Recent SFI testing seems to confirm that the HANS outperforms all other restraints for frontal impacts.


                        >Most rigorously tested head and neck restraint in the world
                        >Developed and tested since 1986
                        >Over 35,000 in use today world-wide
                        >Winner of 8 international safety awards
                        >Only H&NR that is SFI & FIA approved (no other types are allowed to be FIA approved)