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Track Summary

Web site:

Questions forum: Driving Lime Rock forum

Address: 497 Lime Rock Road Lakeville, CT 06039

Upcoming Events Lime Rock Track Event Schedule Calendar
International Driving Events Calendar

Audi Club NA - Northeast Chapter @ Langan Audi (Jun 26)

Oregon Raceway Park @ Oregon Raceway Park (Jun 26)

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter @ Yakuza Lounge (Jun 26)

NOLA Motorsports Park @ Kart Track - NOLA Motorsports Park (Jun 26)

Miller Motorsports Park - Karting @ Miller Motorsports Park (Jun 26)

Autocross Club of Central Oregon @ Oregon Raceway Park (Jun 27)

NOLA Motorsports Park @ North Track - NOLA Motorsports Park (Jun 27)

Pitt Race @ PIRC- North Track (Jun 27)

BMW CCA - Boston Chapter @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Jun 27 - 28)

PCA - Schattenbaum @ New Jersey Motorsports Park (Jun 27 - 28)

NASA-Northeast Aug 4th & 5th
PDA Nov 4th
NASA-Northeast Nov 9th

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Track Map



Lime Rock Park turn-by-turn Track Debrief Form and track map. Take this with you to the track to keep driver notes and car setup records.

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The track is 1.53 miles long and consists of 7 turns. The optional "John Morton" chicane is located after turn 5 and is named after a driver who was almost killed in 1988 after his car became airborne, crashing at high speed in that area. The track is short, fast and, contains some extreme elevation changes which all add up to a very challenging circuit. Recent repairs to the track have included concrete patches in the corners which have made the track even more difficult to drive.

Track Guide

The following sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track:

Turn by turn guide to the Lime Rock track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Lime Rock track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

Coming soon

Typical Lap Times

NASA ST2 Corvette (Class Record) 57.8 s
Audi R8 46.753 s
Chevrolet Corvette C6-R 50.170 s
Porsche 911 GT3 RSR 53.748 s
Porsche 993 cup ?:??
Spec Miata 1:02.1 fastest , 1:04-1:05 average
BMW M Coupe (S52) 1:04.3
Formula Atlantic 0:46.239 Paul LeCain RT-41


Automobile Video

Motorcycle Video

More Videos

1:02 in a BMW M Coupe

Video of Lime Rock in a Merc AMG

Tommy Kendal in a Merc McLaren SLR

Paul LeCain in Ralt RT41

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