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Address: Highway 288 & County Road 48 Rosharon, TX 77583


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MSR Houston is home to the premier road course and karting track in Texas. Opened in December 2005, the facility is located 35 miles south of Downtown Houston. It is a membership facility for auto and racing enthusiasts, open 363 days a year. It has hosted teams from various professional series. In 2007, the facility was the sanctioned test site for Champ Car World Series, Atlantic Championship and Formula BMW Series.

High-profile teams have used the track for private testing including: Target Chip Ganassi Racing, Andretti Autosport, A.J. Foyt Enterprises (IndyCar); Gainsco Racing (Rolex Sports Car Series/Grand-Am); Risi Competizione, Dyson Racing (American Le Mans Series), Brass Monkey Racing, Real Time Racing (SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge); and TaxMasters Racing, JDC Motorsports (International Motor Sports Association support series).

Amateur auto racing organizations host racing events throughout the year at MSR Houston including: Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and 24 Hours of LeMons. MSR Houston has also been the site of many corporate events catering to approximately 20 of the top 50 corporations in Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area.

MSR Houston offers the public to Xperience what it’s like to be a racecar driver. From NASCAR thrill rides to private driving instruction in your own car, there is something for everyone who is an auto or racing enthusiast. Visit the Xperience page for more information. In addition, the facility holds Teen, Law Enforcement, and Corporate Driving Safety Schools, as well as Competition License Schools.

Memberships are available to individuals, corporations and teams for both the road course and the kart track.

Road Course

With its 17 turns, the 2.38-mile (3.38-kilometer) 40-foot (12.2 meters) wide road course combines a balance of slow, medium and high speed corners. The track is configured to run both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Safety is the number one priority, and the course features paved runoff areas in all critical braking and exit zones, as well as abundant verge areas around the entire track. Drivers have a clear view of the track and corners to see potential problems ahead. Race control has views of the entire track, along with a closed-circuit camera system with views of each corner. The track has three cut-thru roads to allow for custom configurations of the course. Professional teams have also created their own configurations utilizing multiple cut-through roads. MSR Houston is an FIA approved track and sanctioned for testing by the Indy Racing League and IMSA.

Karting Track

MSR Houston’s karting track is 0.7 miles (1.2 kilometers) long 26 feet (8 meters) wide with 17 turns. It is configured to run both clockwise and counter-clockwise. In addition, the track can be split to run two independent 0.375-mile (0.6-kilometer) loops. It features a progressively-banked NASCAR-style corner and CIK recommended runoff areas. There is a 6,600 square foot kart building with 1,800 square feet of hospitality area. The kart track has a 40,000 square foot shaded primary paddock area. There is also secondary parking available in close proximity. The facility’s rental kart fleet includes: 16 CRG Spitfire concession karts, 4 Top Kart kid karts, 2 Arrow World Formula Karts, 4 Rotax CRG Road Rebels, and 2 Honda 125 Shifters. The track is open to the public for kart rentals, birthday parties and corporate events.


MSR Houston sits on 383 acres of land, which includes the road course, karting track, and 180,000 square-feet of paddock space. There are 3,000 square feet of classroom, hospitality and meeting areas, as well as a 1,000 square foot registration space. Two towers are located trackside for timing and scoring and race control. There is over 75,000 square feet of private garages and a fuel station with credit card access. The facility maintains 24-hour on-site security. There are multiple spectator areas and our clubhouse is currently undergoing a renovation. Paddock space includes a 216’ by 50’ awning and the 90,000 square foot skid pad. Member garages range from single car spots to custom built two-story buildings and trackside condos. Several business and race teams operate out of MSR Houston as well.


MSR Houston is conveniently located a quarter-mile off Highway 288, the least-congested major-spur of Houston. It is the closest road course to a major metropolitan area in the United States, and major airports, high-quality accommodations and fine-dining are within short driving distances from the track.

Home to a respected and energetic cultural arts scene, celebrated restaurants featuring flavors from 35 countries, and the brains behind United States space exploration, Houston is as diverse a city as they come. With nearly 21,000 concerts, plays, exhibitions and other arts programs presented in Houston annually, residents and visitors have access to a wide variety of cultural programs. The fourth largest city in the United States is also one of the most culturally-rich cities in the nation.

Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the MSR Houston track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

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Typical Lap Times

Vehicle Type Time Modifications
2007 Panoz DP01 Champ Car 1:10.040
2007 Champ Car Formula Atlantics 1:18.345
BMW M3 (E46 T2) 1:45.01
BMW M3 (E36 GTS-4) 1:37.23
Porsche 997 Cup 1:31.69
Spec Miata 1:48.90
Mazda RX-8 (E Prod) 1:42.94
2009 BMW M3 (DSG) (E92) 1:45.95 Stock
1994 Toyota MR2 NA (NASA PTF, SCCA SSB) 1:53.887 Stock except Hoosier tires, Carbotech Pads
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Spec Miata Video

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