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The R3 looks like a carbon fiber cross. The cross goes against your back and kevlar straps secure it to your chest. It requires D rings to be installed on your helmet. It's SFI 38.1 certified. It works in a car with a 3pt belt also.

This device works well for instructors as you wear it and it works with both 6pt and 3pt belt systems, although whether anyone needs a device when the body is not really restrained has not been proven.

Safety Solutions now says helmets with Hans clips preattached to the helmet are compatible with the R3.

Sliding tethers are now available.

The webbing and tethers need to be serviced every 2 or 3 years depending on usage. This is done by calling Safety Systems, obtaining an RMA number and then ship it to them. Turnaround is usually a day or two.

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