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Rev-up or Rev matching is a method of making a smoother shift:

  • Shifting up: Shift later than you would in a normal Sunday road drive, but rather let the reach the very top edge of the powerband (usually more than 6000 revs).
  • Shifting down: Shift using one of three methods: Heel and Toe, Double declutch or a simple shift. Anyhow, do not select each intermediate gear, bur rather select the most appropriate gear in order to accelerate out of the corner. If in doubt between two gears, select the lower one in the dry, or the higher one in the wet.

If you use Double declutch, you are probably driving an old car, a heavy truck or trying to complete a J-Turn without locking the front tires. What you need to do is to de-clutch, shift into neutral, release the clutch and than rev-up the engine with a little dab on the gas, de-clutch yet again and select the next gear.

If you use a simple shift (very rare) all you need to do is to dab the accelerator while the clutch is depressed, just before you turn into the corner. Now, re-engage the clutch.

Note that unless the car has an automated gearbox, like DSG, trying to do a clutchless shift in high-revs will not help you go faster and can cause gearbox damage.