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Track Summary

Web site: http://www.tgprace.com/

Questions forum: Driving Talladega Gran Prix Raceway forum

Address: 46 Pilgrim Lane, Munford, AL 36268

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Track Map


Current Conditions: Cloudy in Munford, AL (as of 10:53 PM 10/16/2013)

Current conditions (as of 10:53 PM)
Cloudy. 70°F (Feels like 70). Humidity: 78% Winds: 0 mph.
All times shown are local to Munford, AL.
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Forecast for Wednesday, October 16, 2013 for Munford, AL

Today: Showers.Showers Lo: 65°F. Hi: 74°F. Chance of precipitation: 40%
Tomorrow: T-storms.T-storms Lo: 50°F. Hi: 72°F. Chance of precipitation: 60%
Friday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 51°F. Hi: 74°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Saturday: Showers.Showers Lo: 44°F. Hi: 71°F. Chance of precipitation: 20%
Sunday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 41°F. Hi: 71°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%

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This track is in Alabama. It is used for motorcycles, karting, solo events and is rentable for track days. Rates vary depending on the day of the week. I have attended Solo II's, HPDE days and club days there and have rented it many times for closed events. It is a relatively safe track, there is not too much to hit, but I've seen it happen, more than once.

The track was revised and repaved in January 2007. It was expanded from its previous 1.3 miles to 1.41 (GPS verified) miles. It runs MUCH faster than the previous layout. The new track surface is excellent. The long carousel is not as long as it used to be; wear on tires is now acceptable. It is notable, though, that nearly every turn on the course is the same direction. It would be prudent to either rotate tires mid-day or run the track in reverse beginning mid-day.

It is also worth noting that while OEM brake pads were fine on the old layout, those with OEM pads were complaining of significant fade on the new layout. Aftermarket race pads are now a worthwhile investment here.

As amenities are concerned, the tower is always open, and there are restrooms there. There is no food, although Talladega is about 2 miles away. The paddock areas are now in the infield and are paved. The paddock is no longer near the pits; a folding chair is recommended, as most in our group wound up socializing near the pits during the day.

There is one serious drawback to the new layout: the pits and paddock are now well within the infield. As a result, it is now necessary to cross the track to get to the pits and paddock. This means coordinating with the owner anytime someone wants to enter or leave. This can be hectic; I HIGHLY recommend bringing lunch so you don't have to leave and return during the day.

**NOTE: Currently the track can only be run counter-clockwise. There is a drainage pipe near the carousel that could be hazardous; they are moving it and will allow clockwise runs in the near future.

**UPDATE 2009: It's been two years since the track revisions. As of right now, there do not appear to be any plans to rework the drainage pipe to allow clockwise running.

Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Counter-Clockwise Turn by turn guide to the new TGPR track

Turn by turn guide to the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

The folllowing data were gathered by Trackpedia member Insite for the new track layout. Test vehicle is a mildly prepared Porsche Boxster on street tires (April 2007). The weather was sunny, windy and in the mid 60's.

Lateral and Longitudinal Acceleration Plots

Velocity Plot

G-G Plot

Minimum / Maximum Table

Typical Lap Times

Corvette C6 Z06 (MTI Race Car) - 2006, Hoosier R6 1:00:.61 (October 2009, TopSpeed Time Attack - AMB transponder timed, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
R35 GTR (Forged Performance Time Attack Car)- 2008, Hoosier A6 1:00.75 (October 2009, TopSpeed Time Attack - AMB transponder timed, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
Corvette C5 Z06 (SCCA SSM) - 2001, Hoosier R6 1:04.25 (December 10, 2011 Harry's Lap Timer App verified)
Subaru Impreza STI 2008, Yokohoma ADO7 1:05:4 (December 7, 2008, (New Course, Counter Clockwise, Stopwatch Backed Up)
GTR stock except HKS res. midpipe & catback, 2012, stock Dunlop tires (user 38 Off) 1:06.81 (September 3, 2011, Stealth GPS3 verified)
Porsche 996 TT - 2003, Hoosier R3S03 1:06.9 (June 2, 2007, New Course, Counterclockwise, Traqmate Verified)
GTR R35 Stock 2010, stock Bridgestone tires (user 38 Off) 1:07.20 (September 24, 2010, Stealth GPS2 verified)
Miata (SCCA CSP)- 1996, Hoosier A6 1:07.60 (December 10, 2011 Alaptimer App verified)
Porsce 996 TT - 2001, Michelin Pilot Sport Street Tires 1:09.5 (May 2007, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
Porsche Boxster S - 2005, Nitto NT01(DOT R-compound) Tires 1:09.8 (May 2008, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
06 Lotus Elise (front swaybar)- Hankook RS2 (street tires) 1:09.9 (Dec 7, 2009 Performancebox verified)
Porsche Boxster - 1997, Kumho Victoracer(DOT R-compound) Tires 1:11.7 (March 2007, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
Miata - 1991, stock on Toyo RA1 Tires 1:11.7 (September, 2009)
Porsche Boxster - 1999, BFG KDW2 Street Tires 1:12:7 (April 2007, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
MR2sc 1:13.1
Miata - 1991, stock on Dunlop Z1 Star Spec Tires 1:13.5 (October 2008, New Course, Counter-Clockwise)
Porsche 993 cup ?:??
Spec Miata ?:??
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Trackpedia member Trackaddict ripping up TGPR in his RX8

BMW 535i Turbo

91BaseGuy in his mostly stock 1991 Miata, one dry lap, Toyo RA1s, 2008

91BaseGuy, mostly stock 91 Miata on street tires in the rain, August 2008

Video of Talladega Grand Prix Raceway in a Ford Lightning

'01 Corvette Z06 1:04.25 lap

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