Turn by turn guide to the Mission Raceway Park track

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Track Map


From the PreGrid you'll head down the pit lane behind the Starters Stand and right in front of the main grandstands. The pit lane sends the cars out onto the circuit at the new chicane just beyond the starter's stand. Proceed around the circuit on your warm up lap, checking out all the turns, the various left and right hand corners that make up this nine turn 1.5 mile course. Each corner is different from the next. This is the opportunity to heat up the tires and brakes, check all systems, snug those seat belts tight one more time.

As you come on to the main straightaway, look to the starters stand. When the green flag waves you're are off at speed for a lap of the Rivers Edge Road Course. As you flash past the start line, your electronic transponder sends its code to the antenna imbedded in the track. This identifies you to the timing and scoring computer in the race control building and starts the clock on your timed lap. Set up for the chicane, not lifting off the throttle at all and try to straighten out those curves by clipping each apex precisely. Once through the chicane move over to the left side of the track to meet the turn-in point for turn one. Turn one is a tight right hander that can be very exciting as it is one of the prime passing areas on the track. A quick glance over the right shoulder to make sure no one is trying to pass on the inside and turn in towards the apex of the corner. Try not to apex too early, as this will force the car out onto the curb and possibly into the dirt on the exit of the corner.

Now you are heading directly towards the main grandstands in front of turn two. This short straight again affords another passing opportunity, as those drivers who didn't get it right in turn one are slow to accelerate and one can sometimes scoot past another car out of the corner. To set up for Greg Moore Corner you want to move to the right side of the track and make a wide sweeping arc through the corner. Be careful not to be distracted by your waving fans in the grandstand, because the exit of this corner is lined with concrete, with no margin for error. It takes skill and courage to get on the gas early and drift out right out to the wall. The straight between turn two and three gives drivers a chance to catch their breath and prepare for the tight left hander that is turn three. Both sides of the track are lined with concrete so it almost feels as if you are driving into a tunnel. This is another place where passing takes place so watch for blue flags from the Corner Marshals. If you apex too early here you will be launched up into the air as there is a rise where the new track meets the drag strip run off. This can get exciting as it tends to break the rear wheels loose and set the car into an oversteer power slide. The best route takes you a bit wider, off the inside of the corner. This will keep things smoother and in control.

Coming out of turn three brings you onto the original section of the circuit were you once again accelerate hard, now towards turn four. The track weaves somewhat as you set up for the sweeping Cascade Corners. A light dab on the brakes to set up for turn four is all that's required as you turn left and power through into the hard breaking area at turn Five. Watch out here, as the impatient, faster or bold drivers will try and make a pass in this tight curve.

As you exit the Cascade Corners it immediately turns left into turn six. Watch out for the tricky pavement change as you clip the apex of this turn and again drift out right to the wall. You want to exit this corner with maximum speed because it leads into another prime passing area. Charging down into turn seven, check to make sure no one is directly beside as you bake hard and turn left into the apex. Stay off the curb, as it is tall and can really upset the handling of the car and possibly send you sailing off the outside of the track. A very short run and it's time to set up for the slow corners, turn eight, a tight right hander and turn nine, an opening radius left hander. You want to be smooth and quick through this sequence of turns as they lead onto the front straightaway. As you power out of turn nine there is an opportunity for a quick glance over to the pit wall and the crew for any pit signals. Check the gauges; look up to the starters stand, have a look in the mirrors, and take a deep breath as you fly past the start stripe. Its time to do it all over again.