Turn by turn guide to the Sepang International Circuit track

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For a 2m44s Lap this is what you should be doing:

Reach Turn 1 apex at 17.00secs
Reach Turn 2 apex at 22.98secs
Reach Turn 3 sign-post at 35.98secs
Reach Turn 4 sign-post at 48.89secs
Reach Turn 5 exit at 1m 00.87secs
Reach Turn 6 exit at 1m 09.83secs
Reach Turn 8 apex at 1m 19.91secs
Reach Turn 8 sign-post at 1m 25.85secs
Reach Turn 9 apex at 1m 32.99secs
Reach Turn 11 exit at 1m 49.03secs
Reach Turn 12 apex at 1m 57.83secs
Reach Turn 14 sign-post at 2m 12.86 secs
Reach Turn 15 apex at 2m 32.03secs
Reach Start/Finish line at 2m 44.217secs

Speeds and Gears through turns:

Turn 1: Gear 3 about 70kph, brake from 150m at 206kph before Turn 1
Turn 2: Gear 2 about 65kph
Turn 3: Flat out through the gears, reaching just after 5th Gear at end of T3
Turn 4: Brake at 180kph, 130m from Turn 4, take Turn 4 in Gear 3
Turn 5: Tap brake lightly just before Turn 5, take turn 5 - 6 at 120kph, Gear 4
Turn 6: Clip apex of Turn 5, then find the line and throttle through turn 6
Turn 7: Brake 60m before Turn 7. Take Turn 7 - 8 as one, about 110kph
Turn 8: as above Turn 7
Turn 9: Brake 100m from Turn 9 at 176kph, take in Gear 2
Turn 10: Flat out through turn 10 in Gear 3
Turn 11: Late apex, take in Gear 3
Turn 12: Clip grass apex on inside, Tap lightly on brake, take in 4th
Turn 13: Flat out after hitting apex of Turn 11. Gear 4
Turn 14: Brake about 40m from Turn 14, take in 3rd gear
Turn 15: Brake 150m from Turn 15 at about 206kph, take T15 in Gear 3

Some notes: Turns 5 - 6 are high speeds linked corners. Weight transfer is quite severe.
Turns 12 - 13 are off-camber corners, find the best line and shoot straight for the best line.

You can gain or lose 2 secs per set of corners if not taken correctly. (5-6 and 12-13)

Above statistics done in a fairly stock Mitsubichi Lancer Evolution IX GSR.
Modifications on the car are:

1. Steel Braided Brake Hoses
2. TRUST Exhaust System
3. Decatted Exhaust

Tires: Stock Yokohama A-046
Suspension: Stock Bilstein Suspension
Engine: Stock internals, stock turbo, stock everything
ECU: Stock
Handling: Stock Front Strut, Stock Front and Rear Sway Bar, No rear Strut

Typical lap time: 2m 44.xx secs
Best lap time: 2m 43.315 sec
Target lap time in car above: 2m 40.xxx sec
Best time recorded in similar car above: 2m 37.xxx sec