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Stacy 'Stack' King

Born: 1972
Hometown: Durham, NC, USA
Started driving: 1988
1st car: 1978 Celica GT 5-speed hatchback
Current car: 1971 Datsun 240Z
1st favorite racing series: Indy
Current favorite racing series: Formula 1 when I can watch it, otherwise, Grand-Am Cup/Daytona Prototype/ALMS

Current Track/Motorsport Activities

I am the co-organizer of High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events for the Triangle Z Club and Tarheel Sports Car Club. Duties include event set up, registrar, registration, driver's meetings, steward of the event duties, lead contact with track management and officials as well as corner workers and grid crew. I help to define and enforce rules and regulations for our events and make sure we don't run our club's financials into the ground.

I generally organize and participate in four or five events per year. I've had a goal for the last couple years of participating in at least one event not run by my club to get an idea of how other events are run from a participant standpoint... unfortunately, for various reasons, I have yet to meet this goal.

I have been participating in HPDE events since Summer of 1999, I've been organizing and running them since early 2002.

Driving Philosophy

Have fun, be safe, at all costs
Since I have to drive my vehicle to and from the track, like the majority of our participants, I must always keep my self in check when on track. We ask all our participants to do this, not only for their own safety, but also for the safety and enjoyment of others.