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Track Summary

Web Site: http://www.willowspringsraceway.com

Address: 3500 75th Street West, Rosamond, CA 93560

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Current Conditions: Clear in Rosamond, CA (as of 2:56 PM 5/15/2014)

Current conditions (as of 2:56 PM)
Clear. 92°F (Feels like 92). Humidity: 5% Winds: 6 mph.
All times shown are local to Rosamond, CA.
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Forecast for Thursday, May 15, 2014 for Rosamond, CA

Today: Sunny (Clear).Sunny (Clear) Lo: 61°F. Hi: 95°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Tomorrow: Sunny (Clear).Sunny (Clear) Lo: 61°F. Hi: 96°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Saturday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 57°F. Hi: 91°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Sunday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 53°F. Hi: 82°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Monday: Sunny (Clear).Sunny (Clear) Lo: 51°F. Hi: 77°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%

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Willow Springs International Raceway is the oldest purpose-built road course in North America. Known as 'The Fastest Road in the West,' it is a track where a production car on street tires can post an average lap speed of 100 mph through its nine high-speed turns, with cornering speeds ranging from about 70 mph to over 170 mph, with straightaway speeds of 200 mph possible with very fast race cars.

There are five other tracks that are part of the Willow Springs facility, but the main road course has existed in its current configuration since 1953.

Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Willow Springs International Motorsports track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Willow Springs International Motorsports track

Shifter kart (125cc) turn by turn guide for Willow Springs Kart Track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

  * Willow Springs Telemetry in 993 with experienced driver
  * Porsche 944 sp1 doing a 1:38.177 laptime

Typical Lap Times

Lotus Elise (Ronin Edition) 1:27.1
Honda Challenge 4 1:36
Porsche 993 cup ?:??
Spec Miata 1:38
Spec Focus (Big Track) 1:38
C5 Z06 Corvette - T1 Spec 1:29
Dodge Viper ?:??
Porsche 993 Modified street car (Big Track) 1:30.8
Porsche 944 spec 1:37.665
Modified 1972 Porsche 911 street car (272hp) (Big Track) 1:27.59
1969 BMW 1602 C-Sedan Vintage racer - VARA (120hp) (Big Track) 1:40

SCCA Lap Records (2.5 mile Road Course)

GT-1 Mike Lewis 1:19.050 2005
Spec Miata Jonathan Christian 1:36.656 2008
Touring 1 Scotty B White (Viper) 1:27.491 2006
Touring 2 David Shotz 1:32.785 2006

Motorcycle Lap Records (2.5 mile Road Course)

AMA Superbike Steve Rapp 1:19.029 2000
Toyota 200 Qualifying Josh Hayes 1:19.732 2003
AMA Formula Extreme Jake Zemke 1:20.571 2000
Toyota 200 Fastest Lap Vincent Haskovec 1:21.089 2003
F-USA Sportbike Lee Acree 1:23.275 2005
500 Grand Prix Eddie Lawson 1:25.340 1991
Toyota 200 Total Race Time Josh Hayes 1:50:38 2003


  * Corner-by-corner Driving Guide for WSIR Jack Olsen 
  * Craig Stanton in a Lotus Elise (Ronin Edition)
  * Dylan Scott in a Porsche 944 spec car
  * Edo Motorsports #78 Integra Video at Big Willow www.edomoto.com
  * Instructor video describing laps
  * Pedro Guimaraes in a BMW 1602 Vintage race car VARA C-Sedan Class

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