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Diktor Keyboard Layout

Diktor keyboard layout is a keyboard layout for Russian language and similar Cyrillic alphabets modeled after the Dvorak keyboard layout. It places most frequently used letters on the home row and aims to alternate hands when typing frequently used letter sequences.


GTKTerm2 is a lightweight tabbed terminal emulator for GTK2. It offers customizable key bindings and Unicode support, but its key feature is its small footprint - its UI is snappy regardless of how many tabs and terminal windows are opened.


Adblock is a script to configure a local BIND instance to block ads. It is capable of easily blocking entire zones of ad-related companies, unlike a hosts file which can only block one server at a time.


buildploy is a deployment preparation tool for projects that have long-running steps in the deployment process or projects that deploy large generated artifacts. It eliminates duplication of work when deploying to multiple servers, permits arbitrary transformations of source code including destructive ones, and maintains a history of code and artifacts actually deployed.


redis-dump-load is a tool for dumping and restoring Redis databases to/from JSON files.


go-get-deps is an unopinionated Go dependency installer. It allows Go programs and GOPATH to be located anywhere in the filesystem, without being constrained to a deep and rigid directory hierarchy imposed by the go tool.


Integrity is a lightweight continuous integration server written in Ruby. It supports concurrent builds, automatic branch building and many notification services.



PycURL is a Python interface to libcurl. PycURL aims to be a lightweight wrapper around libcurl, exposing most of libcurl functionality with minimal runtime overhead.

go-geo-grid-search is a Go package for performing fast K-closest queries of places on Earth. Given an array of objects that have latitude and longitude, a starting point and the number of desired results K, go-geo-grid-search will return K objects closest to the starting point.


delete-all-cookies is a JavaScript library for clearing all cookies that affect the currently loaded web page.


Giphy Search is an alternate search frontend for Giphy. It aims to be lightweight but functional, and differs from Giphy web site in that it shows full size previews while browsing gifs. The UX for viewing gifs is still under construction. Giphy Search was my first non-trivial React application. View a demo here.

Giphy Search Native

Giphy Search Native is a React Native port of Giphy Search. It was my first React Native application and works on tablets and phones.