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Track Summary

Monticello Motor Club

Type: Road Circuit, Multiple Configurations ranging from 1.6 mile to 4.2 miles

Status: Private Motorsport Country Club, hosts some track days

Web Site

Typical Lap Times (4.1 mile course)

2007 Dodge Magnum SRT-8 w/Pirelli Grand am slicks 2:45.50 Monticello 4.1 mile Long Course
1991 Spec Miata 1.6 2:53.9 Monticello 4.1 mile Long Course
2008 Mustang GT, Steeda Springs, Koni Yellow Shocks, HT-10 brake pads, Yokohama Advan AD08, Novice Driver 2:59 Monticello 4.1 mile Long Course

Track Guide

Turn-by-Turn for the 4.1 mile, 20 turn Full Course.

Track Map with turn numbers

Monticello Motor Club turn-by-turn Track Debrief Form and track map. Take this with you to the track to keep driver notes and car setup records.


Noah from Pansy Patrol in a Miata on the Full Course:

Upcoming Events

The following clubs host events at Monticello: