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Track Summary

Web site:

Address: Anderstorps Motorbana AB Box 87 334 22 Anderstorp Sweden

Public Relations Manager: Tel: +46 (0)371 177 01

Track Map

Track info: Area: 15000 m2

Tracklicense: FIA grade 2

Max no of cars: 24 at races, 30 at training

Max no of motorcycles: 50 at races, 60 at training

Track length: 4025 m

Training area: 2000 m2

Pit boxes: 24, measure 5 x 12 m, pressure air, water, electricity, WC

Second floor: Conference halls 300 m2, educational facilities, racecontrol, announcers center, 3 locker rooms

Showers: 20 st

WC: 20, more when events

Restaurant: 75 seats

Grand stands: 5 st, 8000 seats

Parking: 10000 parking lots

Airport: Call for permission


South part (red)
The south part of the track is 2000 metres, is driven in right laps and contains 3 right curves and 2 left curves.

North part (green)
The north part of the track is 1800 metres, is driven in right laps and contains 4 right curves and 1 left curve.

Grand Prix-track
The entire track is 4025 metres long, is driven in right laps and contains 5 right curves and 3 left curves.


Scandinavian Raceway at Anderstorp is the most spectacular Grand Prix-track of Scandinavia. Since the 1960's more than 50 international races have been held here, for example Formula 1 World Championship, Road Racing World Championship for motorcycles and World Championship for GT-sportscars in 2002.

In July 2006 a new administration building with pit facilities was officially opened. The building includes a restaurant for 75 guests, pitboxes, 300 m2 conference halls, race control, announcers office and locker rooms.

Housed in the administration building you will also find the Technical College of Motorsport, admitting students from all Sweden and elsewhere.

Scandinavian Raceway also offers company events like client-pr-conferences, kick-offs and meetings offering exciting experiences.

Track Guide

Scandinavian Raceway track notes


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